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What are the Boundaries of West Springfield Little League?

Click here to use an interactive lookup of the boundaries. Note: WSLL also includes in it's boundaries all residences on Simpson Lane, Gooding Pond Ct, and Lucas Pond Ct. in Burke.

A detailed description of the boundaries of the franchised territory of the West Springfield Little League, Inc, are as follows:

  • Begin where the Southern Railroad tracks cross Accotink Creek
  • Proceed south along Accotink Creek to the Fairfax County Parkway
  • Then southwest to Hooes Road (Rte 636)
  • Then south to Silverbrook Road (Rte 600)
  • Then northwest to Ox road (Rte 123)
  • Then northwest and north to Pohick Road (Rte 641)
  • Then east and southeast to Burke Lake Road (Rte 645)
  • Then northeast to the Southern Railroad tracks, including Simpson Ln., Gooding Pond Ct., & Lucas Pond Ct.
  • Then east along the southern Railroad tracks to the intersection of Accotink Creek (starting point)

How can I earn my volunteer fee back?

Actities for earning a Volunteer Fee 

Refund/Reimbursement are listed, but not limited to, those set forth below.

  • Working one (1) four-hour shift on any of the dates during any of the preseason field preparation dates.
  • Working two (2) 3-hour shifts in the Snack Bar/Concession Stand, two (2) registration sessions (as available), two (2) tryout sessions (as available), or any combination of two (2) shifts of these activities.
  • Working with Concession Stand Management by completing four (4) food and/or beverage supply runs at local stores.
  • Attending umpire training (see events calendar for dates and times) and umpiring five (5) games at A level or above.
  • Serving as a League photographer and submitting photos that meet the requirements specified by the Yearbook chairperson.
  • Serving as a Team Manager or Coach of Record at A level or above, plus two (2) field work sessions with designated Gray Hat Board Members, or Special Projects as described herein
  • Special Projects in Facility Improvement as approved by Volunteer Coordinator and League President


See the full Volunteer Fee Policy.

What do I do if I have a question about West Springfield Little League?

You can send an e-mail to West Springfield Little League by by clicking here.

What equipment do I need to buy for my child to play?

You registration fee covers the uniform. You will receive a hat, shirt, pants and socks.

You are responsible for purchasing a glove. The league provides baseball bats. The purchase of cleats is optional.

This is my first year in Tball/5T. What do I need to know?

Schedule -- The regular season starts in late March or early April and generally runs through the first or second week in June. Weather permitting, practices start a few of weeks prior to the first games.

5T teams have a combined practice and gam on Saturdays. TBall plays one game on Saturdays and a few games on weeknights.

Games at TBall are subject to a time limit - no new inning shall start later than 1 hour and 15 minutes after the scheduled start time and the game terminates after 4 complete innings or completion of the last legally started inning. For 5T the sessions are only on Saturdays and last for 90 minutes.

Equipment -- At a minimum, your child will need a baseball glove. The League will provide a uniform shirt and hat. He or she will also need baseball pants and socks, but you should hold off purchasing these because the coach may want to coordinate with the color of the shirt. Boys will also need to wear a protective cup while playing (even Tball). The League supplies helmets for those who do not wish to purchase their own. Baseball cleats become routine at the AA level and above and, as players make a longer term commitment to the sport, they usually have their own helmet and bat.

I have more than one child; can they play on the same team?

If you have more than 1 child and they play in at the 5T-A levels, provisions are made for them to play on the same team, unless you specifically request otherwise. At the AA, AAA and Majors levels teams are formed by draft.

AA and AAA managers are required to take the sibling with their next pick unless parents request them to not be on the same team. Even in Majors, the parents have to agree to allow the kids to play against each other. If they are not selected on the same team the player not selected will play in AAA.

Why isn't my child on the same team as last year?

Teams at the 5T, TBall and A levels are formed by neighborhoods. While we try to do our best to keep all players together sometimes we have to divide players because we have more than one manager in the same neighborhood.The Legue Director of T-Ball makes every effort to keep teams together at this level. The same is true with A Level. 

Once a player reaches the level of AA and above all teams are selected via the draft.  At these levels when players abilities are improving drastically and players of the same age have varying degrees of ability teams must be selected in this way to provide a fair and equitable environment.  In addition, and most importantly, this provides a safer level of play.

One of the benefits this brings to the children is that after two or three seasons the players get to know many friends on other and competing teams.


Can you tell me how to get to a WSLL game or practice field?

Yes -- click on the Fields link above, or just click here.

I need to do field duty, where are the Byron Avenue fields?

Yes -- Just go to Our Organization, and click on Fields OR Just click here.

How can I find out if a game has been cancelled because of bad weather??

One of the easiest ways is to subscribe to

The link is on the lower right corner of the home page.

However, please remember that it is not always possible to have current information on this line. Therefore, it is always best to report to the fields to determine if they are playable.

What is the WSLL Refund Policy??

What is WSLL's Refund Policy? Upon written request submitted to the President or Treasurer, received before January 31 (on or before March 1 for 1A and below), the league will a refund 100% of the amounts paid. Upon written request submitted to the President or Treasurer, before the last day of Tryouts, the league will refund 50% of the registration fee and 100% of any volunteer fee paid. After the last day of tryouts no refunds will be given, and the volunteer fee must be paid unless the volunteer hours have been completed. For Fall Ball, the President or Treasurer must receive a written request for a refund by July 15, for a refund of 100%, and by August 1, for a refund of 50%. After these dates, no refunds will be provided, except for exceptional cause (for example, military transfer or disabling injury), as determined by the WSLL President.  A $10 fee will be charged for all refunds.

Where can I find the calendar of events for WSLL?

You can view the WSLL Calendar of Events by clicking here.

How can I get involved in WSLL?

From the home page under "Need Help" click on "Contact Us" to send an e-mail. We can never have enough volunteers!!!

Do the players in WSLL have any fundraising obligations?

No - There will not be any fundraising activities (ie, raffle tickets, candy sales, etc.) to support operating costs. Fundraising has been incorporated into the registration fee.

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